Corporate Events


Statistics have shown that presenting live, high quality music is good for business!  Visualize it, you have clientele whom you wish to impress, so you host a lovely catered dinner and invite your best customers. Above the tinkle of the china and the clink of glasses is the sound of an excellent JaZz duo, trio, quartet or band.

Do you wish to boost your business with referrals from your best clients? Ask them to invite a guest or two to this elegant evening soiree and broaden your client base with a tangible show of your class, good taste and your sincere appreciation of your customers.  Live JaZz bespeaks of style, sophistication, success ... and nothing is more attractive to a client than a successful business that treats their clientele like royalty!

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"Carolena's jazz performance was thoroughly enjoyed by approximately 300+ guests.  Her voice along with her piano player were top rate. Just like being at a jazz performance in Las Vegas!"

Kimberly Polanco
Catering Sales Manager
Company:  Bellevue Hilton
Event Type:  Corporate (Monte Carlo Theme)




"Carolena is a true professional and has talent that is obvious from studying under the best. She is always pleasant and has a calming personality which blends well with her style of music. She would be a great asset for any event ranging from corporate to social.  If you want your event to be boosted to top-notch ... or you are tired of the same entertainment you see at events all the time, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider hiring Carolena. She is very kind and very professional."

Janis Flagg-Berry
Event Planner and Designer
Company:  Greatest of Days
Event Type:  Corporate



Elegant Soiree