The Carolena Mátus Group is customizable in regard
to size and instrumentation.  Therefore,
the videos showcased below are:
Quintet, Quartet, Trio and Duo.

My personal thanks to:

Steve Korn of Steve Korn Photography
for his artistic video engineering

~ and ~

Geoff Ott of London Bridge Studio
for his fine audio engineering.


All music videos were filmed live at
Resonance at Soma Towers (2017)



Quintet:  Original Tune

"Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That"

Music and Lyrics by Bruce Brown (2000)

Carolena Mátus (Vocals), Randy Halberstadt (Piano), Jay Thomas (Trumpet), Clipper Anderson (Bass), D'Vonne Lewis (Drums)


Duo:  Blues

"What's Your Story, Morning Glory?"

Music and Lyrics by Mary Lou Williams (1938)

Carolena Mátus (Vocals), Randy Halberstadt (Piano)


Quartet:  Latin JaZz


From the remake of the movie "Sabrina" with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond

Music by John Williams, Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman

Carolena Mátus (Vocals), Randy Halberstadt (Piano), Clipper Anderson (Bass) and D'Vonne Lewis (Drums)



Quintet:  Combination Swing | Uptempo
This tune begins with an introductory piano solo.

"Devil May Care"

Music and Lyrics by Rob Dorough and Terrell P. Kirk, Jr. (1956)

Carolena Mátus (Vocals), Randy Halberstadt (Piano), Jay Thomas (Tenor Sax), Clipper Anderson (Bass) and D'Vonne Lewis (Drums)



Trio:  Latin JaZz - 1st Half Spanish - 2nd Half English

"Fragilidad" aka "Fragile" by Sting

Carolena Mátus (Vocals), Randy Halberstadt (Piano) and Clipper Anderson (Bass)