Teaching Endorsements


Piano and Chart

"Last Tuesday I took an introductory vocal lesson with Carolena Matus, and I got a two-fer: she threw in an anatomy lesson as well!

"Carolena said that many vocalists strain because they’re not using the proper muscles for support, and that proper support is quite different than what many people are led to believe.  She then set out to help me experience exactly where it originates in my body, so that I could feel it for myself.  She stressed the importance of being “body-aware” - i.e., being tuned in to what’s going on internally while I sing.  She also emphasized the importance of locking everything into muscle memory, a concept that is extremely familiar to professional musicians.  As she put me through various singing exercises, she continually asked me what I was feeling in my throat, in my rib cage, in my abdomen, etc.  She even sensitized me to what I’ll feel when I’m singing with poor technique, so I can self-correct on the fly. The message was clear: no matter whether I want to sing R & B, jazz, rock, opera, or whatever, it’s vital that I first lay the foundation for proper, healthy vocal production, one that will allow me to sing effortlessly, and with control.

“Carolena presented her ideas with great clarity. I didn’t have to work hard to understand her explanations or instructions. She was exceptionally organized, yet also very relaxed and down to earth.  I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone who’s looking to improve his or her singing!”

Randy Halberstadt
Professional Musician (Pianist)
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO)
Professor, Cornish College for the Arts (Retired)
Seattle, WA



"I highly recommend Carolena Mátus as an accomplished singer and teacher able to instruct singers, both beginners and professionals ... Ms. Mátus is the person to see for any vocalist with questions to be answered.  Solutions to vocal problems are her specialty and she can help you to be a better singer."

Bobby Scann
Professional Musician (Trombone) 
Music Educator 
Las Vegas, NV


"If you haven't heard, Carolena Mátus is the premiere voice teacher in Olympia, WA.  [She] doesn't just teach you how to sing, she gives you the science behind the voice.

"Carolena is a true professional. She is a seasoned performer and extraordinary teacher of the voice. Her vast knowledge of the science and mechanics of how the voice works [have] lead her to be one of a few premiere voice teachers. She is steeped in the JaZz genre but is more than capable of guiding and molding the voice to suit any style."

Alan Francis
Professional Musician (Trumpet)
Former Music Educator from Birmingham, United Kingdom
Lacey, WA


"A wonderful talent and spirit!  If you love your music and want the best for your voice, you'll want to study with Carolena Mátus. I've never met anyone who cares more about or puts more effort and passion into her work, whether it's teaching or performing.  Highly recommended!"

Eric Miller
Former Professor, Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA
Owner and Luthier, Hands on Guitars
Chehalis, WA